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We hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend! We wanted to give you guys an informative, thought-providing post today. Click here to visit FES Although this blog is dedicated to providing our Atlanta interior design clients with information, tips, tricks, and general interior design advice, we wanted to take the spotlight off of us for a minute. We'd like to think we work well and are fortunate enough to have great clients who would choose our interior designers over any other interior design firm; however, we also recognize that certain firms may be a natural fit for certain clients. As with relationships, it's not just about the skills/talent - the personalities must also be a fit. When you're choosing out your next Atlanta interior design firm, make sure to ask the following questions:

Do I have to start from scratch? - the best interior design firms ealize you have cherished items, sometimes heirloom treasures, and will work these into the master plan. You should never feel you have to throw it all out - ask them if they offer interior design service for the entire house, or room by room as well. commercial fit out Some interior designers do require a full house investment, so ask. Many others will work with you by the room. It is still always advised to have a master interior design plan created so you have a blueprint of your progress. For each of our Atlanta interior design clients, we take the time to understand their interior design needs and plan the project accordingly. All of our Atlanta interior design projects are custom-made with the approval of our clients - for us, it's all about creating an intimate relationships with our clients to really meet their interior design needs.

Do you have a portfolio? - if not, how will you gauge the type of work the interior designer is capable of? If so, does it represent a broad range of modern and traditional interior design styles, indicating the potential to be flexible and meet your personal taste and style? Extensive interior design portfolios will give you a great idea of exactly what the interior design firm is good at, and in some cases, where there are opportunities for improvement. We show all of our Atlanta interior design clients an extensive portfolio highlighting all of our past interior design projects - this saves a lot of time and provides instant, tangible credibility for our interior design skills/talent.

Do you work with a budget? - everyone has a “spending plan,” whether it is $1,500, $15,000, or $150,000+. It is important to be upfront with this information so you both know the level of investment expected. Some interior designers have minimum project fees. Others will provide hourly consultations, with a typical minimum of 3+ hours. Budgets are absolutely critical for every interior design project - we clarify upfront exactly how much our Atlanta interior design clients are looking to spend before starting any kind of work.

Will you provide me with options? - each interior designer is different. Some work as dictators, insisting and telling you what you need. Other interior design firms are more diplomatic, and provide the best options with pros and cons for all, and guide you to a decision. Make a wise, informed decision here - this could mean the difference between an efficient, worthwhile interior design project versus a costly, overdone interior design project. As we started above, our policy is to work hand-in-hand with our Atlanta interior design clients to make sure we're doing the right thing for them.

How do you charge? - all interior designers have their own fee plans; many work on an hourly basis with a cost plus combination model. Others work on a project cost or square footage basis. Many interior designers will provide you with an estimate at the project initiation to avoid any unpleasant surprises later. Our Atlanta interior design clients enjoy our hourly-based cost structure because they can easily keep track of the work we do and know exactly where their money is going towards. Make sure to clarify this upfront our with your interior design firm.

Do you have a contract? - many interior designers work by contract or letter of agreement. This protects both the interior designer and client from any surprises and should confirm and clarify the scope of the project and all fees. It should include an estimate of the interior design project cost and time expected. We make sure to provide our Atlanta interior design clients with a detailed, thorough statement of work at the beginning of every interior design engagement.

How long will my project take? - while this seems like an obvious question, it's important that the interior design project has a deadline, especially if you're paying the interior design firm on a hourly basis. This varies widely depending on the size of the interior design project, but it can often be helpful to have an idea in advance of the time frame anticipated. This is also important to learn if the interior designer has enough time to devote to your project, and to establish realistic expectations. Since this is about the right fit, it is appropriate for the design professional to find out as much as possible, about you, your family, your tastes and preferences, your anticipated project investment, your expected time frame, and how you want to work. Allow the interior design professional you hire to do their job effectively. We really take our work seriously and make sure to establish deadlines and checkpoints to make sure our Atlanta interior design clients are with us every step of the way.

That is it! We hope the above information was helpful when deciding which interior design firm fits you best. We work with our Atlanta interior design clients to not only set the budget, timeframe, and design expectations, but to really educate them on why and how we do our interior design. We educate our Atlanta interior design clients so there are no surprises and they are in tune with us from the initial consultation to the finished masterpeice!

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