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Healthy Choice Foods

Benefits of Healthy Choice Foods

Healthy choice foods are abundant in the grocery stores as well as health food stores. Click here for more information Some powerhouse foods you can find anywhere are raw almonds. Just a small handful about ¼ cup has as much calcium as same amount of milk. I am not a milk drinker so finding ways to consumed calcium is an added bonus, I love eating this nut. One reason this is so important, is because it helps to keep osteoporosis at bay. Eating enough calcium, helps keep the teeth and bones strong.

Living for healthy choices is pretty simple. Try walnuts, they are great in so many ways. Walnuts help lower the risk of high cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease and arthritis by reducing C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation found in the body. These nuts are both high in unsaturated fat and eating even a small handful can not only be great for the taste buds and also great for lowering your cholesterol levels.

Natures Best Protection- Healthy Choice Foods

Leafy greens, Swiss chard, spinach, mustard, collard, dandelion, and kale are all power house greens which have cancer fighting capabilities. They deliver more nutrients with fewer calories than virtually any foods found out there. Homocystein is a natural compound that is harmless as long as the body is in balance. However, if the body tips in the direction of too high, the levels are toxic and can cause clogged arteries and heart disease. Greens carry plenty of B6 and folate to help keep Homocystein levels in check.

Because leafy greens carry cancer fighting properties they also are packed with magnesium which improves the body’s response to stress. In studies the researchers have shown that eating regular green lefty vegetables helps keep depression at bay, and helps improve the flow of blood to the brain for wonderful cognitive function.

Clean greens really well or dirt and grit will be part of your dining experience. You can throw them in salads or lightly sauté, par boil or even microwave. Just indulge in these powerful nutrient dense vegetables. Carotenoids found in greens act just like bodyguards to kick cancer toxic agents to the curb.

Some of the best healthy choice foods are found in green leafy greens
Eating greens of all kinds fight against cancer producing agents, remember Popeye
Low in calories, high in taste, with ample vitamins and minerals, greens are a powerful food
Greens can be bought fresh, frozen, and canned although if bought in can form usually high in salt (sodium)
Walnuts are so good for cleaning the arteries and keeping them flexible and free of bad LDL cholesterol
Almonds are a super source of calcium so good for teeth and bones
Foods for Defense

Pomegranates are red seeded fruits and are packed with antioxidants for a powerful defense to protect the immune system to the maximum level. Here is why the antioxidants found in pomegranates are so important. Every second, immune cells in your body are hit by a barrage of free radicals.

These free radicals steal and electron from healthy cells rendering them unhealthy. High in antioxidants which literally come between free radicals and healthy immune cells and offer up their own electron so no more damage is committed to the healthy cell. Some foods like pomegranates really taste so good and work so wonderfully for the body’s defense. Very seasonal, at least for fresh pomegranates, try fresh juice as well.

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