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Healthy Snacks – Some Ideas

How do I make healthy snacks? We become so used to the marketing of snacks that we think that healthy snacks have to come out of a packet. otherwise it won't taste good! For our health (mental, physical, emotional) we need fresh food and that includes healthy snacks. You only need to read some of the information on to find out just how some food products can make you sick - maybe not now, maybe not noticeably, but definitely at some point.

The cost to you - well, its just not worth it. So, here are some healthy snack recipes and some ideas. Let's start with the ideas.

I tell my daughter "chop up some celery and spread some peanut butter on it" - the response - "no, I can't be bothered". Later, I'm chopping up celery and carrot for me and guess who guzzles into it? What to do????

Ideas for Healthy snacks - need to prepare but once they're there everyone is set

dips (hummous, capsicum, carrot, beetroot) and Lebanese (round, flat bread)
chopped or julienned celery, carrot, capsicum (bell pepper), cucumber, fresh fruit
Combos of dried fruit, nuts and seeds (pepitas and sunflower seeds are good). These can be flavoured with tamari and roasted.
Fruitballs - see the party finger food page
mini fritattas, vege muffins
do you remember the days when snacks at parties were served on toothpicks - the tricky one was 'devils on horseback' (where did they get that name from?). So why not some cubed cheese and sundried tomatoes and/or gherkin, olives.
fresh, crunchy bread spread with peanut butter, olive paste, or some other healthy spread
Variety seems to be best - serve a few different types on a platter and bingo (we hope).

Healthy snacks can be au naturelle or cooked up. Here are some recipes for Falafel, Flatbread crisps, Cheese toast snacks, Carrot and Walnut loaf, Wheat loaf. One of the great truly healthy snacks is falafel. The balls are great for parties, for packed lunches, or as part of a larger meal. There is no deep frying in this recipe, just a spray of oil and baking in the oven. Much easier!

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